Winston & Pilot

Winston & Pilot
Pilot is a 11 year old Kelpie cross and Winston a 7 year old Labradoodle. Both were extreme leash pullers and their owner had no chance of getting their attention when they were out and about.
We started work on the basics sit, stay and come and then continued with loose-leash walking. Winston is very clever and picked it up super quick but Pilot was very set in his ways and being an elderly dog he doesn’t learn as quickly anymore. After trying out different techniques (all positive reinforcement based) we finally found one that made his brain click and he never looked back!
You CAN teach an old dog new tricks!

We also included crate training in their behaviour modification plan as they had trouble calming down when inside. Crates always need to be a happy place for dogs, a spot where they are safe and can rest.

They are now very happy and clever dogs who are always keen to learn
new things!
We love catching up with Pilot and Winston for training walks when their owner has to go away for work!