Jax – From Rescue Dog to Assistance Dog

From Jax’s owner:

“I had a work place injury in September 2013 and subsequently had to have spinal surgery. This lead to my unemployment and basically early retirement along with depression and anxiety amongst a myriad of other issues.
During a psychological appointment the Dr said I need to do something with my time so I decided to foster dogs. I figured the way I am why not help the abused dogs and I’ve seen some damaged dogs which I loved so much.
In August 2015 my chronic pain got extremely bad along with my headspace. I thought I would like a mate for me. I was recommended a purebred male short haired border collie, 2 years old from a friend of mine who said he is coming in, being rescued from a property out of western Queensland. I wanted to meet him.

Purely Paws Dog Training Townsville Rescue Border Collie


I got a call that he’s in. Straight there. I laid eyes on an extremely malnourished dog with a sun stained coat and teeth that were covered in tarter and nails split to the bed. He was that shy and timid but he came to me. I nearly cried looking at him. Right, I thought, he’s mine. Nobody will ever harm him again. His name was Jax and I adopted him. He couldn’t eat 200g of food without throwing up. He was 13kg (a healthy 16.9kg now). I had to bring him back up to
speed physically and mentally. This strengthened our bond. On our first walk we approached a fence where a dog was smashing into the fence. Jax jumped in front of me jumping up on two legs with his paws on my chest, as if to say ‘Stop. Danger’. Jax has a very relaxed almost timid personality however without getting his hackles up he stands between me and other dogs. He never barks at anything or dogs.

My mental health had deteriorated badly and I was recommended MindDog Australia. I looked into what they do. Little did I know what I already had in Jax. He never jumps on my bed however he would wake me up when having nightmares (I was a firefighter) and would come and put his paws on me when in pain or getting my massages which are excruciating. He knows when I’m agitated.

So I applied to MindDog to start his certification process. I engaged Deb from Purely Paws Dog Training as our trainer as I needed more help training him. We are on our way. He is never more than 10m away from me, we are both saving each other. I just want others that are struggling to realize what these dogs are capable of, and if you are having issues talk to someone. And please support MindDog Australia and Deb, who trains me as Jax is the
smarter one!
Thank you Chrystal, Deb and Leanne for all your help.”