Dog Training Policy, Waiver of Liability and Release Form


By enrolling yourself and your dog/s in dog training classes and/or private consultations, workshops or other related activities (Classes) offered by Purely Paws Dog Training you agree to the below outlined policies.



Subject to the terms of this agreement, we agree to provide dog training services through the following courses:

  • Puppy Training
  • Group Adult Dog Training
  • Private one on one Dog Training



You confirm that the information you provide to us about yourself and your dog in the provided registration form is true, accurate and current. You agree that you will advise us of any changes to the information provided if required. If you provide any inaccurate information, or we have reasonable grounds to suspect that such information is untrue, then we reserve the right to suspend or terminate your registration.
You certify that you have disclosed to us any and all behavioural problems relating to your dog and agree to notify us of any behavioural changes during the course of training, in particular any dangerous behaviour your dog may have shown and any causes (if known).
You understand that your email, once provided on the questionnaire sheet, will automatically be added to our mailing list. You can unsubscribe by emailing


You acknowledge and accept that your registration for the Service will not be complete until full payment is received at least 24 hours prior to your commencement of registered service. Payment can be made via EFT or Credit Card, Cash or Direct Deposit to Purely Paws Training BSB: 064 796 Acc#: 1003 9663. If you fail to make full payment by 24 hours prior to the commencement of the registered services, your registration may, at our sole discretion, be cancelled.
A reminder TXT will be sent 48 hours prior to your session. You are required to respond to this message within 24 hours or your session will be cancelled with no reimbursement. Cancellation of a session on your behalf, within 24 hours to the appointed time, will incur either complete loss of your session or rescheduling of your session with an additional $30 cancellation fee payable 24 hours prior to the rescheduled session. Cancellation on the trainer’s behalf will be notified as soon as possible and a rescheduled session will be made at time of cancellation.
If you elect to terminate your registration, for any reason, amounts paid to your service are non-refundable.
After payment has been received and enrolment has been confirmed 10 package sessions are required to be used within 6 months, 5 package sessions are required to be used within 3 months. Failure to book all pre-purchased sessions within the required time frame will result in forfeit of remaining sessions with no refund available.



At Purely Paws Dog Training we pride ourselves in achieving individual training results and creating happy owner and dog teams. The degree of success through our training highly depends on the owner/handlers commitment on completing the required homework, being the sole handler/owner during ALL sessions and ensuring that sessions are scheduled and attended as suggested by the trainer.

Private Sessions: Private Sessions will require the same owner/handler to be present at all training sessions. Please ensure that you are available for your scheduled session at the time of booking to avoid cancellation fees. If two or more dogs are participating during the sessions, dependent on the issues at hand, a second handler/owner may be required to attend all sessions. During the initial assessment other members of the family may be present. The first session is strictly for the trainer, owner/handler and dog only. The attendance of any additional family members, especially children is not allowed during the first session. This is to ensure the best results between the trainer, dog and owner/handler. Additional family member attendance at further training sessions will be advised by the trainer.
Enclosed shoes and appropriate casual attire must be worn to all training sessions. Any aggressive or inappropriate behaviour from the owner will not be tolerated. Purely Paws Dog Training uses positive reinforcement training which means in most cases we will reward behaviour with food/treats. Please do NOT fee your dog within 24 hours prior of the training session to ensure they are keen to work for the food.

Group Sessions: Group Sessions will require the same owner/handler to be present at all training sessions. Each dog attending will require one owner/handler, if two of your dogs are in attendance a second owner/handler will need to be present every week. Children of the age 10 and above are permitted to attend as long as Adult supervision at all times is provided.
Upon registration you will provide a copy of your dog’s vaccinations to date. If you dog has not completed their course of vaccinations we will require a copy once they have been given during the course of the Group Sessions. You warrant that your dog’s flea, tick and worming are up to date. If your dog shows signs of being unwell or has fleas, ticks or worms during a sessions we have the right to send you and your dog home. Attendance to further classes will not be permitted until you provide evidence of your dog receiving treatment and being in the ‘all clear’ from your vet. Failure to provide this evidence will result in cancellation of your registration with no refund provided. You warrant that any behavioural issues are notified during registration and acknowledge that Purely Paws Dog Training reserves the right to expel dogs who show aggressive behaviour towards people or other dogs, with no refund. Private Sessions may be recommended in these cases.
Enclosed shoes and appropriate casual attire must be worn to all training sessions. Any aggressive or inappropriate behaviour from the owner will not be tolerated.


You acknowledge that dog training services may involve risks to yourself, members of your family or your dog. You accept all risks involved with participating in the registered class and/or private training and will not hold Purely Paws Dog Training or its instructors responsible in the event of injury to myself, family members or my dog. You agree to comply with the instructions, rules and decisions of the training instructor as it relates to you or your dog’s ability to safely complete this course. You also agree to accept responsibility for any damage done to property, persons, or other dogs, done by you or your dog’s actions.


Any information collected during the registration process and services provided are for use within Purely Paws Dog Training only. No personal information received will be provided to any external providers without your approval.



You give permission to the use of any photos or video of yourself, dog or family members for our Purely Paws Dog Training image and video Library for marketing and publicity purposes. You acknowledge that these photos and/or videos will be used in digital, social and/or printed media and you may not be notified of its use. You agree that you will not receive any remuneration or compensation for the photos and/or videos being taken or used. We agree that the material will not be given to any external parties unless they require the images for Purely Paws marketing or publicity reasons.  We also agree the images and/or footage will not be used in a distasteful or offensive manner. All details of people featured in the photo and/or film will remain private unless we have your consent.